Certified product safety

Quality management system

Continuous improvement

Outstanding quality of our products and processes

The trust of our customers is based on the excellence of our products and processes, which we constantly review and optimize as part of our quality management system. This means that we are always at the cutting edge and meet the latest requirements. We also pay attention to the quality and conformity of our packaging.

Quality management

Our QM-system

To ensure our quality-stable production, we work with:


Depending on the product requirements, we make use of a broad portfolio of established methods such as FMEA, SPC and PPAP. Our real-time quality manufacturing (RQM) tool offers a wide range of functions and solutions for all quality management tasks and requirements.

Regular qualification of our employees is just as much a matter of course for us as the documentation of measuring equipment monitoring and tool life cycles.

Laboratory scope

With the help of our extensive range of calibrated test equipment, we can measure all the necessary parameters such as geometry, color location, surface quality and mechanical and electrical properties. Special function and service life tests are carried out on custom-made test fixtures.

All facilities are used both for pre-series release and during series production.